Educational Links: Phonics

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Phonics Internet Resources

Six Phonics Myths Dispelled — Article explaining the myths associated with teaching phonics

Word Maker — Activity that teaches children how to combine letters to make words

Effective Decoding Instruction for Diverse Learners — A study group series emphasizing research-based instructional practices designed to teach the skills and understandings necessary for automatic word recognition and alignment of decoding instruction with the structure of the English language

Reading Games — Features reading games for sight words, auditory discrimination, contractions, capital letter recognition, etc., plus word charts and motivational posters

Practice Quiz on Phonics — A list of Phonics rules with easy practice/assessment quizzes

Words and Pictures — Provides online games and activities for Phonics Year 2, CVC words, consonant clusters, long vowel sounds and high frequency words

The Role of Phonics in Reading Instruction: A Position Statement of the International Reading Association

Phonics, Decoding, and Word Identification Defined

Phonics and Structural Analysis — Teacher tips and assessment checklists

Teaching Word Identification Skills and Strategies: A Balanced Approach — Teacher tips and assessment checklists

Phonics For Free — Printable tests and lessons that teach phonics

Captives of the Script: Killing Us Softly with Phonics — A critical analysis from Rethinking Schools Online — 58 sequential lessons with worksheets, flash cards, read-aloud books, decodable books, and sound-symbol books

Teaching Phonics — Best practices for teaching phonics

Reading Games

Phonics Worksheets — Phonics worksheets for consonants and vowel sounds

Between the Lions Games

teAchnology Phonics Lesson — Resources and Tools for teaching technology in the classroom

ProTeacher Phonics Activities — K-8 phonics/decoding resources and activities

The Role of Phonics in the Teaching of Reading — A Houghton-Mifflin position paper

Sounds and Symbols — Article from the PBS show “Launching Young Readers”

Phonics — A research article — has the internet's most innovative web hosted, multimedia learning activities for children. All activities are standards based, highly interactive, and use state of the art web multimedia including animation, sound, and digitized children's voices. Over 40 major activity platforms cover hundreds of topics in preK-6 math, language arts, science, social studies, and the arts. is used by schools, teachers, consumers, parents, grandparents, home schoolers, and of course, the children that they all serve.

Word Builder In Word Builder, children combine sound segments to make words that animated match pictures. When a target word is formed, the sound segments are spoken and the whole word is pronounced (in a child's voice). There are hundreds of vocabulary words organized across 36 topics. There's everything from the ABC's (covers sounds of the letters) to short and long vowels to consonant blends and consonant digraphs.

Word Match — With the Word Match game, children match letters or words to animated pictures. Again, all words are spoken when selected and words are also used in sample sentences that describe the animations. The sentences are read aloud and can be repeated.

Word Search — Our Word Search puzzles cover the same vocabulary set as Word Builder and Word Match. As target words are found in the grid, they are spelled letter-by-letter and fun animations help reinforce word meanings.